Wednesday, April 24, 2019

On Courage

Courage is not changing the world
It is changing yourself

Courage is not transforming society
It is giving generously

Courage is not writing about responsibility
It is treating others kindly

Courage is not talking about charity
It is listening with humility

Courage is not crossing land and sea
It is living sacrificially

Courage is not chasing holy celebrities
It is healing a broken friendship

Courage is not working ceaselessly
It is risking vulnerability

Courage is not facing great adversity
It is saying "I'm sorry"

Friday, April 19, 2019

Pomegranate Juice and Rose Petals (On Gratitude)

Pomegranate juice
A small act of love
Covered with prayers
Drenched with tears

Cajoling a friend
To carry out urgently
In the hot Jerusalem sun
A vital mission and delivery

Seeking and finding
With care and anxiety
Calling you by proxy
Mission accomplished

Have you seen the one whom my soul loves?
I will rise now and go about the city...

A soft rose petal
Timid act of love
Covered with prayers
Drenched with tears

Frail as its message
Through a mysterious code
Carrying grace and devotion
Across mighty oceans

I sought her, but found her not,
I called her, but she gave no answer...

A long, ardent letter
A last act of love
Covered with prayers
Drenched with tears

Pouring one's heart
In a final attempt
To remember the story
And redeem a few moments

The deafening roar of icy silence
The clashing gong of a gate slammed shut
The throbbing echo of infinite distance
The clanging cymbal of a steely heart

Too occupied with God's language
To utter even a small 'thank you'
Into the dark, distant night
With the nine lepers she withdrew
Life is short. It is important to acknowledge, appreciate, and return the small acts of love and kindness that others extend to you.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Test of True Character

Your true character is revealed
Not in lofty ideas or eloquent words,
Not in relentless work or great accomplishments,
But in how you treat those who love you.

Friday, April 5, 2019

The End Makes the Story

Ending badly ruins everything.
Even the best memories
Become moments of pain.
A flirt turns into deception
Conversations to wounds
Sacrifices to bitterness
Ideals to hypocrisy
A kiss to betrayal
Silence to sadness
Love to death.

Ending well redeems everything.
Even the greatest hardships
Become moments of grace.
Deception turns to forgiveness
Wounds to healing
Bitterness to peace
Hypocrisy to authenticity
Betrayal to reconciliation
Sadness to joy
Death to life.