Sunday, May 19, 2019

Empty Steps

Empty steps
Empty heart
Heavy silence
Of abandonment

Place of courage
Place of trust
That only reaped
A broken heart

Painful memories
Of past journeys
Best abandoned
Best forgotten

Looking forward
Moving on
To better journeys
And a new start

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lost Loves

Lost loves:

One was patient;
Another, restless.

One was kind;
Another, rude.

One was loyal;
Another, fickle.

One was sincere;
Another, misleading.

One was generous;
Another, stingy.

One was selfless;
Another, selfish.

One was available;
Another, unresponsive.

One was courageous;
Another, cowardly.

One brought healing;
Another, wounds.

One reflected Christ;
Another obscured Him.

One was love;
Another, not.