Saturday, December 16, 2023

WATCH: Israeli, Christian, and an IDF officer. This is Hadeel's story!

Meet Haddeel, an Israeli Christian from northern Israel who is proud to serve in the IDF.

Friday, December 1, 2023

WATCH: Askar - UNRWA: Cradle of Killers

Review of "Askar UNRWA: Cradle of Terror" by Rabbi Leo Dee:

Viewing "Askar UNRWA: Cradle of Terror", the latest short documentary produced by David Bedein and his staff of Jewish and Arab journalists, we see the results of "indiscriminate support" for the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA.

By providing unconditional funding for UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority, rather than support for peaceful Palestinian Arabs whom they abuse, the world funds terror.

This movie shows how UNRWA and the PA educate the next generation of Arab children to hate and murder Jews.

If Israelis and the international community do not wake up to this reality, there will never be peace.

By supporting peaceful Palestinian Arabs to assert control of PLO terrorist organizations, and hate filled UNRWA camps, both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews will stand a chance at a better life together.