Monday, November 12, 2018

Betrayed with a Kiss

Beloved one and friend
Jittering, I called you
In my very hometown
I sought your face and found you

You asked me, and I came
At no small risk, with trembling
A tender heart aflame
Open to you and trusting

We spoke of truth, goodness, and beauty
To love, and do what you will
To become responsible forever
For those whom you have tamed

I offered, far too recklessly
To walk with you this journey
To love, shield, and embrace you
Under the shadow of my wings

Together we went up
To the Little Jerusalem
With me, you prayed the Amidah
Then sent me off to Golgotha

We appeared before great rabbis
The living and the dead
Stood before Jews and Gentiles
And then my blood you shed

We shared our last Passover
Singing songs of hallel
Then, with a kiss, you betrayed me
To Rome, and to the gates of hell

Job’s sufferings and agony
Assiduously you studied
Then laid his griefs upon me
Leaving me stunned and bloodied

As I bitterly wept and sighed
You turned away in silence
Abandoned me, crucified
To tour the Land of Promise

While I still hung in desperation
You made one last request
That your good name and reputation
I would please not harm or contest

The heart you had just won and tamed
You broke, bruised, cut, and maimed
My soul you softly pierced and killed
So you could better do God’s will

To stand guard over your solitude
I was wholeheartedly devoted
Yet you showed no solicitude
When I needed you the most

You coldly spurned every appeal
Gave icy silence to each petition
Ignored all prayers and desperate pleas
Refused to mend, heal, or even listen

Why did you turn from light to darkness
Sweet memories to bitter sadness?
Did you not preach responsibility
Before smiting love so cruelly?

You spoke of truth, then flatly lied
Gave lip service to goodness
Your own beauty you badly marred
By turning coldly ruthless

You ever seek great saints and martyrs
Praising their courage and dignity
Yet you misled, used, and discarded
Then fled with cowardice and duplicity

How does one live with so much dissonance?
Trampling on others with piety
Humbly promoting one’s self-importance
Saving the world by treachery

How many holy thrills experienced
Hiding dark contradictions?
When love and trust you sacrificed
On the altar of vain ambition

I miss the friend I thought you were
Was certain you’d rise to the occasion
That you would live up to your ideals
Convinced you were a better person

Driven by restless activism
O unresponsive and tepid soul
Passion misguided by narcissism
The heart you wounded most is yours

As you affirmed your dignity
You would not look me in the eye
Did you serve well the common good
As I gasped for breath and died?

While building up society
Close friendship you sabotaged
Involved your gifts and talents
To disappoint, hurt, and dehumanize

What is this heart of ice and stone
A reflection of who you are?
You left mine wholly crushed and torn
Is that for which you stand?

By wounding and betraying
You missed a higher calling
To bring honour and glory
To God and to your country