Thursday, August 8, 2019


As time slips by
The vivid memory of you
In the mind and heart of those you knew
Begins to fade into faint shadows

What remains?

Not how intelligent you were
    or how diligently you worked
Not how eloquently you spoke
    or how ably you wrote
Not how many celebrities you knew
    or to how many countries you flew
Not how many skills you mastered
    or conferences you attended


Whether you treated them kindly
    or left them with wounds and scars
Whether you built trust and loyalty
    or sought fleeting experiences near or far
Whether you created lasting bonds
    or left them severed and broken
Whether you lived your ideals with integrity
    or left them violated and contradicted
Whether you courageously mended wrongs
    or fled and left them unresolved
Whether you sacrificed and loved selflessly
    or served your own interests and desires
Whether you created memories to be cherished
    or best erased and forgotten

Create good memories
And if you don't
Make things right, sooner rather than later
Or, at least, later rather than never.

Mt 5:23-24