Sunday, November 3, 2019

Ode to a Friend

With a deep gasp I saw
A changed name;
The Pyle is gone.

Speechless, with disbelief,
The day has lastly come
To reap the fruit of my own deeds.

Spurning your loyalty and goodness,
I foolishly chose instead
Another's unresponsiveness and rudeness.

Oh, that I had but loved you more,
And been a better guardian of your heart
Is my most piercing, deep remorse.

To your patient love and sweetness
I selfishly responded
By abandoning you to grief and sadness.

Now it is I who weep and mourn
Over my worst mistake,
As God's best gift from me is torn.

That you are now another's
Is difficult to grasp;
Still even more so, that you are gone forever.

Accursed blindness of the heart!
Why is love most radiant
Only after it has been lost?

If I could atone, down here on earth
For failing time and time again
To love you according to your worth.

Though I caused you untold pain,
Know that your humble, selfless love
Was not at all in vain.

Asking for your forgiveness,
I pledge to ever live
In remembrance of your kindness.

May our good Lord bring forth redemption
And heal all that was broken
By my poor choices and indecision.

May the one whom you have chosen
For many days and years to come
Love you with tenderness and devotion.

May our Lord bless, keep, and prosper
Your hearth, home and children
With abundant love, joy and laughter.

May they rekindle the radiant smile
That I so obtusely extinguished
And bring the pyle back in style.

Love them as you loved me, and more;
May they return it to you a hundredfold,
And grant you a myriad sweet memories.

Though I was most unworthy,
You have set your seal upon my heart,
And engraved it there eternally.

I pledge to offer for your family
My prayers, sacrifices and crosses;
Please remember to pray for me.

With gentle tears, one final time,
Your little red twin
Smiles and waves goodbye.

Farewell, friend, and thank you.
You have loved me well;
I will never forget you.